'In riding a horse we borrow freedom' - Helen Thompson

'Feeling down? Saddle up' - Author Unknown

The relationship between horses and humans is something special. Horses can be very wary of humans on initial contact and if a horse doesn’t like you then you will certainly know about it as they will just completely blank you. However when a horse is passionate about his owner then you can witness a very special connection and it is this connection that I love to capture on camera. Once this moment is captured you have it forever to remind you of that special time together. If you were to book me for a shoot then I would come to meet you and your horse at your preferred location to discuss the type of images you wish to capture and to spend some time with your horse before getting any cameras out to try and gain his trust, I find carrots usually help (With owners  permission of course.) We would then create a variety of images, which encompass both the beauty and majesty of your horse as well as the unique relationship you have together, we will have a fun filled couple of hours resulting in a great range of images for you to choose from. The session fee is £75 payable on booking and all images will be professionally post edited to give you the ultimate viewing experience which we will arrange a date for after the shoot.

The session fee of £75 is payable on booking and all images will be professionally edited to give you the ultimate viewing experience. We will arrange a mutually   convenient date after the shoot to view the images together. Finished products  are then available for purchase from £125 upwards for professionally mounted frames, timeless canvas and contemporary acrylic formats along with the option of a story book album as the perfect keepsake, prices from £395.

Thank-you for viewing my site, I hope my images have made you smile and if you have any questions or would just like a friendly chat then please don’t hesitate to contact me.